Western Sydney Local Health District, the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, and Western Sydney Primary Health Network have a shared commitment to strengthening collaboration and consolidating significant investment in innovation and healthcare integration models and strategies. As partners, we recognise the value of having a vision that aligns across each of our organisations.

We are committed to an environment – a way of working that enables an improvement in health and social outcomes and is in alignment with the quadruple aim of:

  1. Improved patient/consumer experience
  2. Better outcomes
  3. Lower costs; and
  4. Improved clinician and provider experience.

There is a strong commitment in western Sydney through our shared partnerships to drive innovation which addresses systemic gaps and strengthens the interface between our services to promote health, wellbeing and resilience. Our five collaborative priorities are: child, youth and family health; chronic and complex diseases; mental health; Aboriginal health; and older person’s health.

Download the Western Sydney Integrated Health Partnership Framework 2017-2020.